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Best Slackline kits A slackline kit has many advantages compared to the basic set-up using carabiners and some other climbing gear - you get everything you need in one package, they are safer and much easier to set-up and use.
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Waterlining is slacklining over water. This is an ideal way to learn new tricks, or to just have more fun. Common places to set up waterlines are over pools, lakes, rivers, creeks, between pier or railroad track pillars, and boat docks.
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Film so scary it's making grown men flee the cinema! And it's all TRUE
New movie The Walk depicts heart-stopping stunt pulled by Philippe Petit In August 1974, the Frenchman walked on a wire between the Twin Towers The crossing is revealed in all its dizzying glory at the climax of the film Petit traversed the 1,350-foot tall towers eight times wowing crowds below The tight rope finale of the movie has been called 'unwatchable' by viewers My heart is racing, I am starting to feel breathless, and light-headedness is threatening to overwhelm me.
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Tightrope walking
Tightrope walking, also called funambulism, is the art of walking along a thin wire or rope. It has a long tradition in various countries and is commonly associated with the circus. Other skills similar to tightrope walking include slack rope walking and slacklining.
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